Varsity dormitories start reopening

Inoculate university students on a priority basis

Published : 05 Oct 2021 08:13 PM | Updated : 06 Oct 2021 06:40 PM

About 36 lakh public and private universities’ students have not been vaccinated yet. Out of total 43 lakh students, only seven lakhs received coronavirus vaccines so far while 18 lakh have applied for registration to get vaccinated.

Authorities of most of the public universities have taken all  necessary preparations, including ensuring of conservancy, health instruments and isolation centre in order to reopen the residential halls for the students. Later, the country’s higher educational institutions will start resuming in person class and other regular academic activities of their students in phases. 

Reopening of the dormitories has become crucial as the students are suffering a lot due to accommodation crises at present. Therefore, the government in association with the university authorities and university grants commission must take necessary steps to provide Covid-19 vaccine to all university students immediately. Besides, as the dormitories are being reopened one after another, the university authorities have to make sure that all, particularly the students, teachers and staffs, wear masks and follow other health guidelines, alongside continuing their academic activities. 

The government in association with the university 

authorities must take necessary steps to provide 

Covid-19 vaccine to all the students immediately

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As the Dhaka University authorities will resume in person class and other regular academic activities, its dormitories reopened on Tuesday for the honours final year and master's students who have received at least first shot of Covid-19 vaccine while the libraries was also reopened on September 26. Academic activities, including classes, of Rajshahi University will resume on October 20 after a long gap of suspension caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Prior to this, the students' dormitories will reopen on October 17.The Chittagong University campus is likely to reopen on October 20, subject to inoculation of all students with the first jabs of Covid-19 vaccine. The residential halls of Jahangirnagar University will be opened on October 11 for the students. Besides, the authorities of Khulna University will reopen dormitories of the university on October 18.

As the universities are being reopened, conditions including maintaining health guidelines will have to be imposed on teachers, students and staffs. 

Besides, we think the UGC the regulatory commission of country's higher education will also be working to bring all the students, teachers, officials and staff of universities under Covid-19 vaccination as soon as possible. 

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