Alarming increase in suicide rates among students

Invest more to strengthen mental health services

Published : 05 Oct 2021 12:33 AM | Updated : 05 Oct 2021 06:04 PM

It is saddening to note that the suicide death rate among the students shows an upward trend in recent times due to depression and frustration. Reportedly, a total of 151 students committed suicide between March 17 in 2020 and June 4 in 2021. Of them 73 were school students, 42 were university and medical college students, 27 were college students and 29 were madrasa students. Besides, at least 27 students committed suicide since June to till date.

Recently, a Rajshahi University student identified as Imrul Kayes, a third-year honours student of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism on September 23 night reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself in his village home in Jashore. 

Parents, guardians and 

teachers must stand by 

the students

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According to his classmates' statements, Imrul was mentally depressed as he was not satisfied with his life. Besides, on August 17 Imam Hossain, a second-year student of Dhaka University committed suicide after posting a status on facebook. Apart from these, hanging body of a former student of Dhaka University was recovered from a mess located in old Dhaka’s Chankharpul area on September 27.

We think as the suicide death rate has increased at an alarming pace, we must immediately find out the root cause of the risk factors those are contributing to such suicidal behavior in students. The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has substantially influenced the life of students. The Covid-19 pandemic has also resulted in all educational institutions shut across the country, leaving about four crore students out of their respective classes and campuses as well since March 16 last year. And this pro-long vacation threw their academic activities into uncertainty, made them frustrated, demoralised and depressed that led many of them to commit suicide.

Parents, guardians and teachers must stand beside the students in order to create positivity in their life and make them happy. Besides, counselling can also help students understand these issues and suggest strategies for dealing with their feelings. Therefore, they will be more confident and hopeful about their future and shun the path of committing suicide.

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