Juvenile gang culture

Address this sensitive issue prudently

Published : 03 Oct 2021 08:01 PM | Updated : 04 Oct 2021 12:27 PM

A “combing operation” will be launched across the country soon to curb juvenile crimes. We are gravely concerned over the involvement of juvenile gangs in various crimes like extortion, mugging, drug peddling and stalking across the country. Besides, they are involved in violent and brutal crimes like murder and their delinquency is on the rise at present.

Members of law enforcement agencies are taking a hard line on juvenile gangs in order to keep the teenagers on the right track. We hope those who are transforming the teenagers into gangs to serve their own purpose will not be spared.  

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There is a need to strengthen family ties and engage 

teenagers and adolescents more in 

extra-curricular activities

Adolescents are getting involved in various criminal activities in recent days forming gangs like Disco Boys, Seven Star, Nine Star, Danger Boys and Nayan Bond, says a report. We appreciate the government’s decision to get tough on juvenile crimes in order to save our next generation. The ‘combing operation’ has become necessary to pull the reins of juvenile gang culture right now.

A good number of teenage boys are being arrested on various charges in capital Dhaka. It is worrying to note that at least 30 boys were killed by different juvenile gangs in the city. On September 9, Mohammad Ripon, a teenage boy was murdered by a juvenile gang. Apart from capital Dhaka, this similar grim scenario prevails in all metropolitan cities, district towns, upazila headquarters and even remote villages of the country. 

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Apart from the law enforcement agencies, parents, teachers and civil society members will also have to take the responsibility of monitoring teenagers to ensure their wellbeing. All guardians should impart proper education to their children. Besides, political goodwill is a must to prevent this gang culture. We all must become more conscious about our children so that they do not get involved in criminal activities. Also, there is a need to strengthen family ties and engage teenagers and adolescents more in extra-curricular activities.

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