‘Safe Life’ project undertaken

Maternal deaths must be reduced

Published : 25 Sep 2021 09:37 PM | Updated : 26 Sep 2021 04:25 PM

It is essential for pregnant women to receive high-quality care, before, during and after childbirth. It is good to note that the government has undertaken a  project to ensure maternity services for women to reduce maternal and child mortality rate to zero level.

By implementing this project, it is hoped that by 2023, the maternal and child mortality rate in the project area will be reduced to zero and the overall quality of life of at least 90 percent of the poor, backward and disadvantaged people will be improved.

According to the BBS sample survey, the maternal and neonatal mortality rate in Bangladesh is very high and this rate is even higher in rural areas.  We now have to draw attention to this massive problem. 

The government should deploy 

door-to-door services for pregnant 

mothers in In rural areas

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It is also reported that the number of child marriages also augmented radically amid the pandemic. When girls get married during childhood, they also get pregnant quicker than women who marry at older ages and this is leading to real health hazards. 

The main reasons for the high rate of maternal and child mortality are child marriage and childbirth at home with the help of incompetent midwives or relatives.

Initiatives can be taken to give pre and post-pregnancy treatment over the phone or through mobile apps. With this, they can consult with respective doctors without visiting the health facilities.

In rural areas, the government should initiate door-to-door services for pregnant mothers with the help of public hospitals.

Pregnant women should also be given the right to take their maternity care decisions based on accurate information through this project.

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