E-commerce faces challenges

Form a regulatory body immediately

Published : 23 Sep 2021 09:03 PM | Updated : 24 Sep 2021 12:23 AM

E-commerce is flourishing across the country with contributing to economy and creating job opportunity for unemployed youths, workers, women and other groups. Therefore, the entire e-commerce sector should not be affected badly for the fraudulence of only 10-12 companies.  

Country’s e-commerce sector is now facing serious difficulties and challenges alongside an uncertain future following the recent fraudulent incidents committed by some alleged dishonest companies like Evaly and Alesha Mart and

We believe people’s trust is the key to success in any business either online or offline.  Once the consumers’ trust is broken with the e-commerce, it would be very tough jobs for the companies to rebuild the relationship and trust as well.  

We urge the government to take legal 

actions against those companies who 

have cheated customers

It has been noticed over the last few years that country’s many people are running e-commerce services, including web design, domain name purchasing, secure hosting, digital marketing and advertising, app development, in-home services, and payment gateways, among others. Besides, state-run organisations have also launched e-commerce platform enabling local entrepreneurs to sell different products in the domestic and global markets. 

We all know the e-commerce has also played a crucial role during the Covid-19 pandemic. So, the government must set up an e-commerce regulatory body to monitor the sector so that there would be no scope to cheat people. Besides, a detailed e-commerce law will have to be enacted soon alongside establishing a central complaint cell.   

We also urge the government to take legal actions as per the current law against those companies who have cheated customers. The consumers consider visual content like photographs or videos uploaded to companies’ website while they take decision to purchase the products. In this regard, the customers are completely unable to touch or see the original one but they purchase the products as they trust the company.    

Every company must obtain a unique Business Identification Number from the commerce ministry. Apart from the commerce ministry, home, law and information ministries and other authorities concerned will also have to work together to protect the e-commerce sector from the clutches of some unscrupulous people.