Move to bring Dhaka under video surveillance

CCTVs have become a great necessity to curb crime

Published : 22 Sep 2021 09:31 PM | Updated : 23 Sep 2021 06:09 PM

A multi-layer security blanket will be thrown across the capital Dhaka to keep crimes under control and provide safety and security to the city people round the clock. The government has embarked on a plan to install closed- circuit television (CCTV) cameras and motion sensors at all 50 police stations in the city to transmit footage and signals to the police control room round the clock. These CCTV cameras will alert the law enforcement agencies about any suspicious movement and or objects within 15 minutes.

We appreciate the government’s move to bring the entire Dhaka city under video surveillance as this system will help detect firearms, trace missing vehicles or lost devices, control traffic and track down wanted or missing people.

We appreciate the government’s 

move to bring entire Dhaka city 

under video  surveillance

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Recently the government has taken a project styled “Development of Dhaka City Digital Monitoring System”. Under the project, 16000 CCTV Cameras and motion sensors would be installed across the city.  Reportedly, city’s all entrance and exit points, inter-sections, all important places, lanes and by lanes alongside diplomatic zones will be brought under strict video surveillance with the targeted goal of reducing crime at zero level and to ensure public safety round the clock.

When the CCTV Cameras and motion sensors will be installed, the city's law and order will improve and people will feel safer to move from one place to another and even. Currently about 26,661 police personnel are struggling to ensure public order and safeguard the life and property of the people in the capital. We think this surveillance system will play an effective role in curbing different types of crime like pick pocketing, mugging terrorism and militancy along with controlling abuse of drugs in the capital. Therefore, we hope the prime minister will approve the project immediately considering the issue an important one.

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