Devastating phase of Covid over

Government’s efforts deserve plaudits

Published : 15 Sep 2021 09:12 PM

It is good to note that Bangladesh on Tuesday recorded its lowest daily Covid-19 cases in over three months. As reported by this daily on Wednesday, the country registered 35 Covid-19 deaths on Tuesday.

Countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and other European countries are still struggling to contain the spread of Covid-19. Bangladesh’s healthcare service is not up to the mark comparing to these countries. Furthermore, the large population of the country makes it difficult to impose health protocols effectively. Nevertheless, Bangladesh has achieved remarkable success in containing the spread of the deadly virus. 

We appreciate the efforts of the  

government to contain

the spread of Covid-19 

As a consequence of the effective measures taken by the government, Covid-19 situation in the country has improved. We appreciate the government’s timely measures and initiatives to help and stand beside the poor and needy people throughout this crisis time.  It is worth mentioning that the government provided stimulus packages to various sectors and financial assistance to the poor and needy people.

The Bangladesh government lifted complete lockdown on August 11 and since then all government and private offices, business activities, industries, factories, shopping malls, hotels and resorts remain open. Also, the schools and intermediate college resumed academic activities with the physical presence of students from September 11 while the universities are all set to reopen maintaining guidelines and health protocols from the next month. 

As Bangladesh is about to return to normalcy we all including who received vaccines should follow the health guidelines properly. In order to check the spread of the Covid-19, we must wear masks, wash our hand properly and maintain social distance.