Ensure vaccine equity

We need strong global cooperation to fight Covid-19

Published : 25 Sep 2021 09:39 PM | Updated : 26 Sep 2021 04:25 PM

It is a moral obligation of the developed nations to extend their all-out support and cooperation to ensure vaccine equality so that all people living on the earth will get vaccinated immediately.

We are concerned over the rising trend of vaccine inequality as the high and upper middle-income countries received so far 84 percent of vaccines against less than one percent by low-income countries. Rising above narrow political interests, the UN along with the member states; across regions must put a spotlight on the critical need for global solidarity and collaboration to effective Covid- 9 response, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said while addressing the 76th UN General Assembly on Saturday. 

Therefore, if we want to free our world from the deadly coronavirus, we must ensure universal and affordable access to vaccines for all people living on the earth.

In this regard, there is no alternative but to transfer vaccine technologies across the globe as early as possible to ensure vaccine equity and make them available. 

There is no alternative but  transfering 

vaccine technologies across the globe as 

early as possible to ensure vaccine equity  

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The rich countries must take an appropriate global action for "universal and affordable" vaccine access to all for a Covid-19 free world.

It is been noticed that the current “vaccine-divides” trend is only lingering the pandemic. Therefore, alongside the developed and upper middle class countries, different international organisations like United Nations must address this vaccine inequality urgently.

We believe no country can chart out a sustainable recovery and be safe by leaving millions behind. Therefore, “vaccines divides” between the rich and the poor must be eliminated immediately. We hope rich countries will be committed to work together in order to produce more vaccines and ensure equitable access worldwide.

The coronavirus pandemic has already affected more than 231,925,261 people, killing over 4,751,758 across the world. Besides, the deadly virus has also been taking a huge toll on families, societies, health systems and economies around the world. We believe the world community can only halt Covid-19 through solidarity.

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