No remedy for passport info error for years

Migrant workers’ job at stake

Published : 22 Sep 2021 09:25 PM | Updated : 23 Sep 2021 06:01 PM

It is disconcerting to see people struggling to get correction of the personal information in their passports according to the information of their national identity card and other necessary documents. Many passport holders’ personal information does not match with their national identity and therefore they face many difficulties when they apply to go abroad. As reported by this daily on Tuesday, they have been trying to get corrections in their passports for the last few years but they have not got any solution yet. 

The sufferers have become tired of visiting the regional passport offices and head office in Agargaon to solve this problem. They did not find any solution anywhere. They kept running to and fro, from the regional office to the head office and from the head office to the regional office. Many have claimed that no solution was provided to them for over 2 years in any of the offices.

The sufferers have become tired of visiting 

the regional passport offices and head office 

in Agargaon to solve this problem 

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All these problems are really not that difficult to address. Authorities concerned should take necessary steps to appoint formal passport agent who will officially handle passport holders’ issues. Foreign ministry along with other regulatory bodies should try to deploy manpower for dealing with passport correction. 

Tens and thousands of migrant workers are also at risk of losing their jobs as they cannot return back to the country they used to work because of incorrect information in the passport. They returned to the country amid the pandemic and they cannot go back now. If the matter is not taken seriously enough, we might also be on the verge of losing massive remittance inflow which comes into the country every year.

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