Three mega projects to be opened next year

Transformations in communication sector on the horizon

Published : 19 Sep 2021 08:11 PM | Updated : 20 Sep 2021 12:38 AM

It is encouraging to note that works on the country’s mega projects including the Padma Bridge, Metro Rail and Karnaphuli Tunnel are now gaining momentum following the relaxed restriction of Covid-19. It is projected that construction of these major communication infrastructures will be completed by 2022. As reported by this daily on Saturday, these three much-anticipated development projects will be open for traffic between June and December next year.

We might see some key transformations

 in the country’s communication 

sector next year

Sustainable economic growth of a country depends on its sustainable infrastructure development. To this end, it is worth mentioning that the incumbent government has been working relentlessly to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people through undertaking a number of mega projects. Never before in the history of Bangladesh a government could even dream of undertaking such massive projects, involving thousands of crores of taka. However, earlier, due to various obstacles, including Covid-19, funds crunch, and faulty design, most of the country’s ongoing mega projects could not be materialised within the stipulated time frame. 

Needless to mention. when these projects are completed, the picture of the country's economy will change. We might see some key transformations in the country’s communication sector, traffic congestion in Dhaka city will be reduced and ultimately trade and tourism will be benefited immensely.

It goes without saying that timely implementation of all the mega projects will have the desired effect on the economy of the country and in order to do that, sincere and coordinated efforts of all the stakeholders is a must.  Last but not least, the government must try to curb corruption, and ensure proper monitoring to attain successful completion of all the development projects.