Digital Bangladesh makes life easier

Ensure proper utilisation of ICT

Published : 26 Sep 2021 08:03 PM | Updated : 27 Sep 2021 03:33 PM

Digitalisation in every aspect of life is not only helping us economically but also propelling us towards more sustainable solutions in every sphere of life. People are now getting their desired services through digital platforms, students are learning online, farmers in remote areas can learn the prices of their farm products. Record keeping and financial, administrative, judicial, and many other auxiliary services as well are now obtained through using IT.

Excellence in ICT-based 

education is needed from 

the primary to tertiary level

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Experts opine that we need to develop and strengthen our digital technology further. By 2025, when 100 percent of government services will be available online, it will be easy to estimate time, cost, and travel savings for citizens. As many as 15 million files are disposed of in e-documents. So far, about 26 lakh e-mutations have been made online. Experimental 5G services will be launched in the country by December this year. Besides, the 5G spectrum will be auctioned for other mobile phone operators in December.

Widespread initiatives are taken by the government in every step so that we can take the maximum benefits of rapid digitalisation. However, we know we are still far away from our quest as we still need to take more strides to make vision ‘Digital Bangladesh’ a reality. 

To do that our ICT division should get the utmost priority. With digitalisation, new technologies come and we have to acquire new skills and training to utilise them properly. Human capital is very pivotal to grow and adapt to innovative ideas and technologies. Therefore, excellence in ICT-based education is needed from the primary to tertiary level.

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