Trucks carrying export goods to India face extortion

Published : 27 Sep 2021 09:24 PM | Updated : 03 Oct 2021 08:36 PM

Millions of taka is being extorted every day from export trucks carrying goods to India through Benapole port in Jashore.

A well-known extortionist gang, in the name of the workers' union, gives the serial of the truck first. Truck drivers allege that they are collecting 15/20 thousand taka per truck.

In front of the eyes of the administration the extortionist collected around 50 lakh taka per month.

They are pocketing the entire extortion money.

This gang creates an artificial traffic jam about 3 km from the export gate of Benapole port in the name of serial.

According to Benapole port sources, 200 to 230 trucks of goods are being exported to India through this port every day. But 500 trucks of goods are coming to Benapole port every day for export.

Similarly, 300 to 350 trucks of goods are entering Benapole port from India every day.

After the trucks arrived in Benapole, the bargaining started with the concerned truck drivers, exporters and C&F agents. The so-called workers are collecting Tk 15/20 thousand per truck as the serial given earlier.

If you don't pay the extortion, the exported truck has to stand on the road under the open sky day after day. As a result, they are forced to export goods to India with money.

When the journalist was spotted to the export gate area of Benapole port, it was seen that the gang quickly left the place. A driver Saleman Ali said several truck drivers in the port area a strong syndicate at the export point in Benapole has long been openly extorting money from export trucks. Which has now become the rule? Political influence cooperates with them from behind.

Bipul Hossain, owner of a C&F agent in Benapole, said the Exporters and C&F agents have been hostage by some alleged so called truck workers at Benapole port.

If they are not paid, trucks loaded with goods can't export to India. 

If the exports goods truck cannot be exported to India within the stipulated time, such as truck demurrage,

There is also the problem of shipment. Importers do not want to accept goods if the goods truck do not arrive in India on time. Due to this many members of the exporters have to pay 10/15 thousand taka per truck.

Benapole C&F Agents Association President Mofzur Rahman Sajan said, Extortion from export trucks is not new. The extortion is being done from the truck in the name of serial.

As a result, the exporters have become hostages to some of these so-called workers.

Additional Superintendent of Police Jewel Imran of Navaran Circle said, Police are working to stop any kind of extortion in the Port area. No complaints so far. However, legal action will be taken against the extortionists if anyone makes specific allegations.

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