Outsiders’ movement threatens Benapole port security

Published : 21 Sep 2021 12:37 AM

The security of the country's largest Land port Benapole is under threat from the free movement of Outsider. As a result, a strong external smuggling syndicate has formed in the port.

The syndicate, formed in the port areas of both countries, is trying to evade billions of revenue.

Despite repeated demands from customs authorities and traders to increase and strengthen security at the port, effective steps have not been taken yet.

Customs officials seized large number of undocumented smuggled goods from Indian trucks inside the port last month.

At present, there is a platoon of Ansar members and 25 security members are working for the security of the port, but it can be said that there is not much activity in security supervision.

Matiar Rahman, Director of India-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries, said,

Security measures at Benapole port is threatened by the free movement of unauthorized outsider. Strangers and outsiders are moving freely in various sheds and yards in the port.This is threatening the security of the port. The issue of security has been repeatedly informed to the Bangladesh Land Port Authority but no solution has been found till now.

Mofizur Rahman Sajan, president Benapole C&F Agents Association said, strangers outsiders are entering the port freely with the help of a few officials. As a result, the security system of the port has broken down. Goods are being stolen freely from different sheds of the port.

The Ansar members in charge of the port gate are allowing outsiders to enter the port without any obstruction.

These outsiders are active members of the syndicate. He said these outsiders were involved in smuggling illegal goods from the port without documents and stealing goods from the shed.

Abdul Latif, joint general secretary of the Importers and Exporters Association, said, hundreds of outsiders are patrolling in the port's transshipment yard every day. They are stealing goods imported from there in front of the security personnel.

Benapole Land Port Deputy Director Abdul Jalil said, Work is underway to install CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the port. Security personnel have been instructed to increase surveillance to ensure safety.

Strict surveillance has been stepped up to ensure that no strangers can move freely in the port.