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‘The show must go on’

Published : 20 Nov 2021 08:34 PM | Updated : 22 Nov 2021 12:07 PM
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Dhallywood popular model turned actress is Nusrat Faria Mazhar has done several Indian Bangla movies besides Dhallywood cinema. The number of fans of this Bangladeshi actress is not less even in India. 

The actress is always ready to shoot even if she’s not in the mood. It happens with almost every person when they do not like to do anything. But if there is work, one has to fulfill their responsibility first.

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Recently sharing a makeup tutorial on social media Nusraat said, 'I don't want to wake up on such days. But there are a few shoots, to be done. Today I will show you the tutorial on how to do makeup even if you don't like it.'

In the video posted on Instagram, she said, "My exams are going on, my song ‘Habibi’ is being released. All in all, I'm overhauled. Much more is going on in personal life. But the show must go on.”

Nusraat loves to do makeup herself. She also shared the new things she has brought to her makeup routine. The actress taught how to do makeup easily with eyebrows, mascara and highlighter and completed the outfit with a little lipstick.

 In the meanwhile Nusraat's personal life has changed a lot. She got engaged a few months ago and has repeatedly expressed her desire to continue working equally even after marriage.

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