Ruhul Amin’s criminal past unearthed

Nusrat case investigation

Investigators overnight unearthed “criminal background” of Feni’s controversial Awami League leader Ruhul Amin as several agencies launched separate investigations while he is being quizzed under a five-day police remand over Madrasah student Nusrat Jahan Rafi murder. “We have gathered enough information about his past criminal activities and controversial political background...among other things, he grabbed private and public property, raising his own so-called cadres,” an official familiar with the investigation said preferring anonymity.

He added now investigations were underway to take stock of “illegally earned money” alongside his role in Nusrat murder as “we found his close links with Yaba (drug) traders as well”.
The official’s comments came as different police organizations including Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) and other intelligence agencies joined hands in investigating the case to expose the culprits to justice. 

Amin was arrested from Dhaka 10 days ago and subsequently was remanded in police custody under a court order while investigators simultaneously are interrogating him, expecting to extract a confessional statement about his role in the burning to death Nusrat, visibly to save Sonagazi Islamia Madrasah principal Sirajuddowla, who too is behind the bar. Officials said Amin, Sonagazi Awami League’s president, actually was a Jatiya Party leader who joined Awami League in 1997 and then went to Saudi Arabia.

But on his return home in 2009 he kept a close link with local BNP leadership but managed to join Awami League in 2013 with supports of a faction of the ruling party. In 2016, he became the acting upzila unit president of Awami League with the “blessings” of Nizam Hazari MP and in 2018 became the Sonagazi Awami League president. The investigators said Amin sent his wife and children to the United States and he visits them twice a year. Amin, they said, has three brothers and all of them were BNP activists, one being a member of the party’s USA chapter, while the two others were active in the neighbourhood in Sonagazi.

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