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Prabhas to play the lead in ‘War 2’!

Published : 02 Oct 2021 08:36 PM | Updated : 03 Oct 2021 04:01 PM

Director Siddharth Anand known for his action dramas is the busiest filmmaker at Yash Raj Films. The filmmaker has not one or two but three Yash Raj movies to deliver in the coming couple of years, and all with the biggest of the stars in Bollywood. Amongst all, we have information about two including ‘Pathan’ and ‘Fighter’, but there weren’t many updates about ‘War 2’ until now. The filmmaker is finally opening up.

2019 saw the release of the power-packed action drama power-packed Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. The movie made a thunderous buzz at the box office and there was no way the studio would not have juiced out such a lucrative franchise. While the speculations around the sequel have been present for a while, Anand has finally put an end by confirming the same and also revealed a lot of details about it. 

Siddharth Anand has confirmed that ‘War 2’ is indeed happening. He says Aditya Chopra and him had decided that they will make a sequel if the first does well. He says they are yet to begin work and will start it by next year.

 “We knew that if ‘War’ works, we will make a sequel. [Aditya Chopra, producer] and I have shared some thoughts on how to take it forward. We will hopefully start it by next year. ‘War 2’ is a big responsibility, and we need normalcy [to be restored] before we can dive into it,” Siddharth Anand says.

But he goes on to give a surprising detail ahead. He says the lead pair Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’s future in the franchise isn’t sealed yet. There might be a complete revamp of the cast too. “We have not yet thought whether Hrithik and Tiger will come back, or whether we’ll rope in a different cast.” But his admiration for the duo is evident as he says, “Hrithik has such a sharp mind that he will give you the correct perspective on the script, even if he doesn’t do the film. Tiger is tremendously focused.”

There have also been reports that ‘War 2’ will have ‘Baahubali’ star Prabhas as the villain. “I am curious [to know whether he is on board], but I don’t know whom to ask about it,” teases Anand. -Mid-Day

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