‘Pilot’ train will run again after 25 years

Published : 16 Nov 2021 01:40 AM | Updated : 16 Nov 2021 10:37 AM

A train called 'Pilot' used to run daily from Ishwardi upazila in Pabna to Pakshi to pick up and drop off the officers and employees of the Pakshi Divisional Office of the Western Railway. In 1992, the then BNP government stopped the train without any reason. However, even though it was closed for a long time, the train will run again on the Ishwardi-Pakshi railway line, said Pakshi railway department officials.

It is learned that after the construction of Hardinge Bridge over the Padma River in 1915, the British were the first to set up this railway to transport ice from the ice factory at Sarghat area. Railway officials and employees used to travel on this pilot train free of cost. After about two and a half decades, this train will run again, officials said.

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According to the Railway Pakshi Divisional Office, even after independence, a pair of trains without any ticket called 'Pilot' used to run from Ishwardi Junction Station to Pakshi Divisional Office every morning and afternoon. 

In 1992, the then BNP government stopped the train without any reason. Since then no other trains have run on this route. After about 30 years, the train will run again on Ishwardi-Pakshi railway line. The work of laying new railways and construction of stations has already been completed. All the processes of train movement have also been completed. However, the date of the inauguration has not been fixed yet.

Abdur Rahim, Pakshi Divisional Engineer (DN-2) of Western Railway, said 26.52 km of railway has been constructed. It has 22.2 km main line and 4 km loop line. In addition, 13 label crossing gates, a station with a ‘B’ class platform adjacent to the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant project and seven box culverts have been constructed. He said 300 crore Tk has been spent on this work.

Shahidul Islam, Pakshi Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Western Railway, said in this regard, setting up of Rooppur nuclear power plant is the most mega project in the country. 

A new railway line has been set up to transport heavy equipment. The trial has already been completed. 

Although the date is not fixed, the official inauguration of this railway will take place soon.