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No seating, gate-lock bus service from Nov 14

Published : 10 Nov 2021 10:06 PM | Updated : 11 Nov 2021 01:46 PM

There would be no seating service and gate-lock service in the Dhaka metropolitan area from November 14.

Secretary General of the Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association Enayet Ullah said this while speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday.  

The programme was organised by Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association and Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation on bus fare rescheduling and current situation. 

He said, “The seating services are being run without maintaining any regulations from the authorities concerned. The buses carry passengers according to their own rules. Passengers suffer the most due to the seating and gate-lock bus services. So there will be no such service from November 14.”

During the press briefing the secretary general also claimed, “There are only 196 CNG-run buses out of 6,000 buses and minibuses plying on the roads of Dhaka city.”

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He said, “Over the last few days, various television channels have been discussing and criticizing the rescheduling of bus and minibus fares. It was said that 80 percent to 90 percent of Dhaka and long distance buses and minibuses are CNG powered. It was alleged that the passengers were being overcharged. The allegations are untrue. But we have found 196 CNG-run buses of only 13 companies out of 120 in Dhaka metropolitan area. This is only 3.26 percent of the total public transport.”

He also said, “Gas-powered buses and minibuses used to ply in Dhaka 10-12 years ago. Now those buses have become crippled. Stickers will be attached on diesel and CNG-run buses within the next three days.”

“Eleven vigilance teams comprising owners and workers will be on the ground to prevent these vehicles from charging extra rent,” Enayet Ullah added.

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