No coronavirus death at RMCH after 4 months

Published : 25 Oct 2021 09:43 PM | Updated : 28 Oct 2021 09:28 AM

No death relating to Coronavirus or Coronavirus symptom has been reported after a four-month period at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital during the last 24-hour ending Monday morning (25 October). 

Director of RMCH Brig Gen Shamim Yazdani infor­med that after the second wave of Coronavirus infection, there was regular death of Corona patients at the Coronavirus units of the hospital. 

The total death toll at the Corona units from October-1 to 24 was recorded 84. But no death in Coronavirus or its symptom has been reported during the last 24-hour period (8am Sunday to 8am Monday)

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Earlier, in September 165 patients died of Corona and its symptoms and in August and July the total death tolls of the months were 364 and 531 respectively.  

RMCH Director Brig Gen Shamim Yazdani informed the journalists that a total of eight new patients have been admitted to the Corona unit of the hospital during the last 24 hour period while a total of 54 patients are now being treated at the unit.

 The number of beds of the Corona unit of the hospital has also been decreased to 192 from earlier 514. 

Meanwhile, only one person with Coronavirus symptom has been detected after testing samples of 191 persons on October-24. The percentage of infection in Coronavirus is 0.51 percent.

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