Cow milk price rises by 30 percent last 4 months

Published : 25 Oct 2021 09:42 PM | Updated : 28 Oct 2021 09:27 AM

In Kishoreganj, the price of cow’s milk has increased by 30 percent in the last four months. The same milk is now being sold at taka 60-70 per liter in the market, which was being sold at taka 45-55 four months ago. 

According to the sellers, the demand for milk has increased in the market. According to them, even though they could not supply, cow's milk is being sold at 30 percent increased price increase.

It has been learned from various markets in Kishoreganj that cow's milk was available there at 45 to 55 taka. The price of milk has been rising for several days. At present it is being sold at 60 to 70 taka. 

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Buyers are having a hard time buying. The price of milk may increase further in this market. Speaking to a few buyers, it was learned that in the current Bengali months of Ashwin and Kartik there is prevailing a wedding mood in the area. 

The sellers said that they have been getting good price of milk for four months. They used to sell it for 45 to 55 taka a liter. As the demand has increased, they are now selling the same at 60 to 70 taka. If they could sell the milk at this price all year round, they could make a profit by rearing cows, they added.

Buyers say we have to buy milk. Milk is an essential food on the diet of our family members. The price of milk does not seem to have increased in the last four months. We are skeptical about whether there is market monitoring. This is not to increase the price. There is something wrong somewhere. We want to remedy this.

According to the Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association Kishoreganj District Branch, the doubling of the price of cows feed has had an impact. There was no problem with the price doubling.

The problem is mainly due to lack of food supply. In fact, no one has a headache with the survival of the farmer. The double reason for the increase in milk price is the double price of cow feed. Farmers will have to incur losses if they sell milk at low prices due to rising costs.

Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association Kishoreganj District Branch president Azmal Khan said, the price of cow's milk has risen by 30 per cent in the last four months. The price of cows feed has doubled. We want to see the price of feed pulled down. If prices continue to rise in this way, farmers will sit on the road.

National Consumer Rights Protection Department Assistant Director Hridoy Ranjan Banik said, "We will take action if you lodge a written complaint with us." Market monitoring is ongoing.