National textbook festival

Published : 02 Jan 2024 09:54 PM | Updated : 03 Jan 2024 01:28 PM

The ‘National Textbook Festival’ was celebrated across the country. New textbook distribution for the academic year 2024 among primary and secondary school students began across the country on Monday.

The students were very enthusiastic for getting textbooks on the first day of the New Year and elated by the smell of new books. Their (students) guardians also joined the book festival with great enthusiasm and fanfare.

Earlier on Sunday Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched the distribution of free textbooks for the academic year 2024.The authorities concerned distributed nearly 30,70,83,517 copies of new textbooks among 3,81,28,324 students this year, involving over Taka 1400 crore. 

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The government has so far distributed over 464,78,29,883 copies of free textbooks among students up to secondary levels across the country since 2010. Besides, since 2017, the government has been distributing Braille books among the blind students alongside handing over books in Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Garo and Sadri languages to the children of minority ethnic groups to facilitate them to study in their mother tongue. We think the government must achieve quality standard in every field of education as Bangladesh is at the forefront of the efforts to transform the education system into a world class one. The government has already launched new curriculum by which the students would be able to learn to think and solve their problems and thus they will be thoughtful and creative. 

We think the government must

 achieve quality standard 

in every field of education 

Now cooperation is important than competition, now the method of education has been changed where sharing of knowledge is important for learning. Apart from the primary and secondary, the high educational institutions also have to come out from the traditional teaching and curriculum and provide teaching and training according to the fourth industrial revolution that all are talking about. 

The government wants to form a world class education system in Bangladesh following the curriculum of world-renowned educational institutions. 

Therefore, we believe one day our children will be the most important stakeholders to transform Bangladesh into a developed and prosperous country by 2041. We also believe our students will be able to fulfil the target as they are the main architects of 2041. The government is giving  whatever amount of money is needed in education.