No anti-Islamic content in new textbook

Rumour-mongers must be brought to book

Published : 22 Jan 2023 08:42 PM

While addressing a convocation ceremony at the permanent campus of Asian University for Women in Chattogram, Education Minister Dipu Moni says there is no anti-Islamic content in the new textbook. The education minister alleges the anti-liberation forces are spreading rumours about the new textbooks.

Some elements have been spreading disinformation now regarding textbooks in a bid to destabilise the situation as they have not been able to put the government in trouble by other means. A vested quarter has been trying to destroy the communal harmony in the country and they have taken the path of various tactics and conspiracies to cover up their political bankruptcy since long.

When the present government under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been working relentlessly for taking the country forward successfully with support of people of all faiths, the anti-liberation forces led by BNP leaders are continuously spreading propaganda to destroy the stable environment in our country.

We all have to work together in

 order to resist the evil forces engaged 

in spreading falsehoods regarding textbooks

It is clear to all that those who want to destroy the country’s communal harmony are the allies of BNP. Earlier BNP had tried to accelerate the anti-sculpture movement instigating the religious sentiments but its effort fell flat. As the party (BNP) in association with Jamaat and other anti-liberation forces failed to get public supports, it has become desperate to go to power unconstitutionally through spreading 

propaganda and rumour, killing-coup and conspiracies after being rejected time and again by the people in elections.

BNP is conspiring to go to power by unconstitutional means.  Its leaders are giving provocative and misleading speeches to misguide the people in many ways. Sheikh Hasina’s government is committed to ensuring coexistence and security of the people of all religions. Bangladesh government strongly upholds that every religious community has the right to establish, maintain and manage its own religious institutions and to perform religious rituals. Therefore, responsible political leaders, experts and other stakeholders, including religious leaders from all faiths and academic will have to work together in order to resist the evil forces engaged in spreading falsehoods regarding textbooks.