Narsingdi under security blanket for five months

Published : 03 Dec 2023 09:50 PM | Updated : 04 Dec 2023 11:48 AM

The law and order situation in Narsingdi Upazila has improved a lot. The overall scenario of the district has satisfied everyone. 

Md Mustafizur Rahman, SP, Narsingdi joined Narsingdi district five months back. He has been playing a major role in controlling the law and order situation including drug abuse, crime control, monitoring new case filing, arrest of accused criminals and maintaining traffic rules.  Illegal drugs were recovered from different places of Narsingdi every day and drug recovery rate has set a record during the time.  

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Besides, the active SP Mustafizur Rahman monitors the activities of OCs in six upazilas and seven thanas. So, general people are free from any kind of suppression by cops.  District Traffic police is also working hard following the instruction of SP to control illegal trafficking and abduction. 

Police are listening to complaints of general people on different social issues. According to the complaints, actions have taken by the them.  So, brave and intelligent SP Mustifizur Rahman lead the police force to be more and more energetic. Some 386 drug cases were filed and 489 criminals were arrested from 23rd Juty to Nov 23rd.  Within the time, 20 persons were arrested in 13 arms cases and 11 fire arms, 184 coctails and one petrol bomb were recovered. 

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