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Massive work continues on Dhaka-N’ganj rail route

Rail operation thru Padma Bridge from June

Published : 23 Jan 2023 09:49 PM | Updated : 24 Jan 2023 03:12 PM

Massive construction work is continuing in Dhaka-Narayanganj railway section to connect Dhaka with Padma Bridge through rail line. If everything goes well, train operation through Padma Bridge will start from June next. 

Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan recently said that the train line on Padma Bridge from Dhaka to Bhanga will be made suitable by next June. However, the main project from Dhaka to Jessore will be completed in 2024.

According to project progress details, 88 percent of the Dhaka-Bhanga railway section construction has been completed. And the progress of the entire project is 73 percent.

To facilitate the uninterrupted construction work, regular trains’ service operation remains halted on Dhaka-Narayanganj section route. In the meantime, railway lines have also been installed in some areas on this route. The authorities hope to complete the work on this part by March. 

New line is being constructed on Dhaka-Narayanganj rail route. This line will be connected to Padma Bridge from Kamalapur via Gendaria, Keraniganj, Munshiganj’s Srinagar and Mawa. This line is scheduled to extend up to Jashore. But the authorities concerned are aiming to operate train up to Mawa point from Dhaka via the bridge by June.    

The Dhaka Narayanganj line, which has been in operation since 1885, is being renovated on an urgent basis. A new railway line has already been set up at the Dhaka end. At present there is a single line on this route of Dhaka-Narayanganj. A double line will be constructed to connect with Padma Bridge.

According to project engineers, they have already completed 80 percent work at the Dhaka end. Now a new rail line is installed at Dhaka end while the existing rail line towards Narayanganj is being renovated.

 Kamalapur Railway Station Manager Masud Sarwar said, temporarily train operation on Dhaka Narayanganj route is shut down to facilitate the construction work. Upon completion we will be able to operate more trains on this route. 

According to railway information, after the completion of double line work on Dhaka-Narayanganj railway, trains can carry passengers on this route 50 times a day. This project will be completed soon for the benefit of the people of Narayanganj. 

A 169 km railway line is being constructed from Dhaka to Jashore under the Padma Bridge Rail Link Project. China Railway Engineering Company (CREC) is the contractor of this project worth about Tk 40,000 crore. A total of 32 kilometers of railway line has been constructed from Jazira end of Padma Bridge to Bhanga. 

Out of this, the viaduct is 4.28 km above the ground. Four kilometers of the viaduct track is made without stones. Another 28 km is constructed of stone. 

At present, the railway construction of 6.15 km section of Padma Bridge is going on. Meanwhile, the construction work of 1.51 km of Jazira end and 10.60 km of Mawa end has been completed. Rail sleepers will be installed on the entire bridge by next March-April.

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