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Intimacy of police with accused growing

Published : 17 Apr 2024 10:39 PM | Updated : 18 Apr 2024 06:18 PM

The trend of a section of police officers and members of different levels of police getting involved in crime is increasing day by day. 

In addition to abuse of power, neglect of duty, taking bribes, extortion, drug trade, robbery, torture, extortion by intimidation, embezzlement of seized goods, etc., are not new allegations against such police members.

Along with these crimes, allegations of developing friendships with rape case accused and identified criminals have been added recently.

It is alleged that, in many cases, large sums of money are being traded to protect the accused. In cases like rape and drug cases, identified accused are also being helped in various processes to remove them from the cases.

There are even allegations of neglecting to lodge a case in the police station due to closeness with the accused.

Recently, there was an allegation against the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Gulshan Police Station Mazharul Islam of intimacy with one Jamal Uddin Sorkar alias Sorkar Jamal an accused in gang rape cases.

Jatrabari and Sabujbagh police station have gang rape cases against Sorkar Jamal. Bangladesh Post has a copy of those cases.

Sorkar Jamal an accused in the gang rape cases, used to visit police officer Mazharul Islam’s office from time to time.

Sources said that Sorkar Jamal developed a close relationship with police officer Mazharul Islam when he was the OC of Jatrabari police station. 

Later, Mazharul Islam was transferred from Jatrabari police station to Gulshan police station.

His friendship with Jamal Uddin Sorkar continued even after his transfer to Gulshan police station. 

During the new year, Sorkar Jamal went to the Gulshan police station with a flower bouquet to greet police officer Mazharul Islam. Mazharul Islam accepted the flowers and gave Sorkar Jamal a birthday cake that day.

Sorkar Jamal also posted that picture on Facebook. In it, he wrote, “After exchanging New Year greetings, Gulshan Police Station OC Mazharul Islam Kajal, my dear brother, gave me a cake on my birthday today. Love is endless.”

Those pictures are preserved in Bangladesh Post.

Sorkar Jamal introduced himself as a journalist and claimed to be the editor of a ‘so-called’ online news portal ‘’

When Sorkar Jamal was contacted and asked about his 2 cases, he claimed that all the cases against him were false.

Sorkar Jamal said, “There are a total of 4 gang-rape cases against him. He claimed that the police had given the final report of 2 cases and that he was not involved in it.”

When this correspondent asked for a copy of the final report for his 2 cases, he wasted time by saying, “I will give it today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.”

As per the government requirements, registration is required to start an online news portal.

When asked whether his online news portal is registered with the government, Jamal Uddin said, “My online portal is not registered”.

Jamal Uddin Sorkar has been running his so-called online news portal without registration.

There is an allegation that using the identity of a journalist at this unregistered online news portal, he extorts people in the Jatrabari area.

When contacted, police officer Mazharul Islam said, “Different people come with different identities. I don’t even remember who took the picture and when.”

Mazharul Islam said, “Sorkar Jamal made news against me a few days ago. I was moved from Jatrabari police station a year and a half ago, but Sorkar Jamal and others complained in my name to the DMP commissioner and the IGP”.

Crime and law experts said that in this context, the police cannot make friends with the case accused, or identified criminals. Associating with criminals is a cognizable offence. The police authorities must take strict action after receiving complaints about these issues. Such incidents should not be tolerated in any way.

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