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India, Bhutan recognise Bangladesh as an independent country

Published : 05 Dec 2022 09:32 PM | Updated : 06 Dec 2022 03:09 PM

On this day in 1971, India and Bhutan recognized Bangladesh as a free and sovereign country.

The freedom fighters and allied forces bravely liberated Jashore and Kurigram districts defeating and driving away the Pakistani occupation forces on this day in 1971.

The then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared Bangladesh as a free and sovereign state in the parliament. Following her declaration, Pakistan cut all diplomatic relations with India.

Pakistan Election Commission suspended by-poll in the then ‘East Pakistan’ now Bangladesh due to the Indo-Pakistan war. The election was scheduled to be held on December 7.

The freedom fighters took firm positions in Laksham, Akhaura, Chauddagram and Hili.

 Pakistan army compelled to retreat and within the evening, Akhaura and Shamsernagar in Sylhet officially came under the allied force’s control.

The runway of the Dhaka airport was completely destroyed by the allied air force’s bombing. The 9th division of Pakistan army started fleeing at the dawn. 

A part of the division had to cross Madhumati River as allied force was on Jashore-Dhaka highway. 

Another faction escaped via Kushtia. They tried to destroy all the bridges as they made an escape.

The then Soviet Union (USSR) for the second time placed veto against US ceasefire proposal of Indo-Pakistan war in the United Nations Security Council’s meeting.

A Soviet spokesperson said that the USSR has deep concern about the war in the sub-continent and it is related to USSR’s security interest.

Eleven members of the Security Council voted the US. Poland supported the USSR while France and Britain refrained from supporting either side.

Military Adviser to the Governor of East Pakistan Rao Farman Ali said that Pakistanis ready to fight defensive war against India. “I believe, our force can hold East Pakistan in the present situation,” he said.

Lieutenant Niazi ordered his force to move out from Jhenidah and to protect Dhaka. He also ordered them to assemble near the bank of the Meghna. 

That was, however, impossible as allied force took control of Dhaka-Jashore highway. A faction of the allied force continued their advance towards Khulna and another team headed towards Kushtia.

On this day in 1971, the freedom fighters and allied forces bravely liberated Kurigram and Jashore districts defeating and driving away the Pakistani occupation forces.

Meanwhile, decisive fights of the freedom fighters and allied forces continued defeating and pushing back the occupation forces from different parts of the country since the beginning of December, 1971.

Marking the Kurigram Liberation Day, local administration, Kurigram district unit Commander of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangsad (BMS), political parties and different socio-cultural organisations will observe the day in a befitting manner maintaining health guidelines. 

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