‘Hilsa to reach in remote areas of country’

Published : 24 Oct 2021 09:52 PM | Updated : 26 Oct 2021 06:55 PM

By increasing the production of Hilsa fish the authorities concerned is trying to reach the fish taste in remote areas of the country.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister S M Rezaul Karim came up with such assertion while speaking as the chief guest at a workshop on evaluation and future activities related to the implementation of Mother Hilsa Conservation Campaign 2021 at the conference room of the Fisheries Department at Motsho Bhaban in the capital on Sunday. He said, “Our most delicious and good fish is Hilsa. The government is implementing various activities for the conservation of Hilsa fish, increase in production, safe its centuries and ensure safe breeding. We are working. The state has all kinds of interests and plans to increase the production of Hilsa. The local administration, law enforcement, fisheries and livestock department officials all have a role to play in implementing this plan.” 

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The Minister added, “Through joint efforts, the production of Hilsa has increased this time as compared to previous years. We want to increase the production of Hilsa further in the future. So that every families each member can have the taste of Hilsa.” 

At the time, the minister said, “We have the right to procure the most delicious and highest Hilsa fish in the world. For that, we have taken various steps to protect Hilsa. We have also taken steps to prevent large-scale export of Hilsa on a commercial basis.”

“We have noticed some adversity in recent times. Some miscreants are throwing poor-helpless fishermen into the river during the ban to carry out their dishonest plans and thoughts. A large part of those who go fishing during the ban are used by others," the minister added. The Minister further added, “New creative strategies need to be devised to make the Mother Hilsa Conservation Campaign 100 percent successful. Public awareness needs to be raised. We need to conduct better operations in the future.”

Director General of the Fisheries Department Kazi Shams Afroz presided over the function and Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Raunak Mahmud was present as the special guest. Additional Secretary of the ministry Shyamal Chandra Karmakar, Subol Bose Moni, Md. Taufiqul Arif and SM Ferdous Alam along with other senior officials and officials of various levels of the Fisheries Department were present at the meeting.

During the workshop, the Deputy Directors of the Fisheries Department of eight divisions of the country highlighted the activities of the mother Hilsa conservation campaign of their respective divisions. According to the workshop, 1,892 mobile courts and 15,388 raids were conducted from October 4 to October 23 this year as part of the mother Hilsa conservation drive and about 884 lakh meters of illegal nets were seized.

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