Highest level of water at Padma in last 25 years

Observation starts to ensure fair share of water

Published : 09 Jan 2022 08:32 PM | Updated : 11 Jan 2022 05:31 PM

Even though Bangladesh did not get its fair share of water in the two eras of the Ganges Treaty, this year the highest amount of water flow has been seen at Hardinge Bridge Point of Padma River in Pakshi of Ishwardi in Pabna district.

This flow of water is the highest in last 25 years. The observation, which started on January 1, will continue till May 31. This observation was started to ensure a fair share of water during the dry season as per the Ganges Water Sharing Agreement of 1996.

According to the Hydrology Department of the Water Development Board (BWDB), Dipankar Das, Executive Engineer, Central Water Commission of India, is leading a two-member delegation from India to observe the Padma water level. He is accompanied by the Assistant Director of the Commission Prakash S.

On the other hand, a four-member delegation led by TM Rashidul Islam, Executive Engineer, Joint Rivers Commission, on behalf of Bangladesh, is monitoring the waters below Farakka.

According to the agreement, the members of the Joint River Commission will publish the measurement of water flow for 10 consecutive days. In the first 10 days, if the water flow in Farakka is 70,000 cusecs or less, both Bangladesh and India will get 50 percent water. In the second 10 days, if there is a flow of 70,000 cusecs to 75,000 cusecs at Farakka Point, Bangladesh will definitely get 35,000 cusecs of water and India will get the remaining water. India will get 40,000 cusecs of water if there is a flow of 75,000 cusecs or more at Farakka Point for the third 10 days. Bangladesh will get the rest. On the other hand, from March 11 to May 10, both Bangladesh and India will definitely get 35,000 cusecs of water for 10 consecutive days.

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Bangladesh Water Development Board Hydrology Department Executive Engineer Rais Uddin said that the water level at this point on January 1 was 6.84 meters. At present, the water flow in the Padma is 1 lakh 17 thousand cusecs, which is 26, 045 cusecs more than last year. According to the agreement, the Bangladesh-India Joint River Commission conducted the observation at Hardinge Bridge Point on the Padma Point and Farakka Point in India. 

However, initially the water in the Padma was found to be quite good. At the beginning of last year, the water flow in the Padma was 88,000 cusecs. This time it has got a lot more water. It is expected that there will be more water in the Padma throughout the year.

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