Greater stake of women in climate battle

Recognise the vulnerabilities of women in climate change response

Published : 04 Nov 2021 01:24 AM | Updated : 04 Nov 2021 01:26 PM

Women as we know are more vulnerable in when it comes to adverse impacts of climate change. During a high-level panel discussion on women and climate change,  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday rightly said that women deserved an enhanced stake in the campaign against the phenomenon, requiring bolder steps for their empowerment particularly to develop resilience.

Most vulnerable and marginalized people around the world were the greatest victims of climate change impacts for a number of socio-economic and cultural factors while women and girls are major among them.

We should provide opportunities for women and equip them 

with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to become 

part of our country’s climate change pliability

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Generally, women across the world do not have equal access to resources and in many societies, they are debarred from the decision-making process and deprived of job payments.

Our premier Sheikh Hasina called upon the women leaders, for taking bold and decisive actions in this COP for a global compact to build communities resilient to climate change in a way where everyone - both man and woman - can participate equally.

As we are in the procedure of leaving the coronavirus pandemic behind, climate change is still lingering and wreaking havoc in people’s lives and livelihoods and it will remain to do so if we do not take drastic initiatives to tackle the effects of worrying climate change which we are in kind of denial for a long period of time.

Amid that process, we must also empower women, who can become a major part of the solution. This will show that the help we provide is more comprehensive and considerate of the misery that women face because of climate change. We should provide opportunities for women and equip them with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to become part of our country’s climate change pliability.

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