Govt fixes procurement prices for paddy, wheat

Fair prices for farmers must be ensured

Published : 01 Nov 2021 10:59 PM | Updated : 02 Nov 2021 02:55 PM

It is good to note that in order to ensure a fair price for our farmers, the government has fixed the government procurement price of Aman paddy, rice, and wheat for the current financial year. The government will procure a total of 0.95 million metric tonnes of food grains from farmers across the country in the current fiscal year from November 7.

Although paddy, onion, garlic, and many other agricultural products are produced in the country, farmers are deprived of fair prices due to a lack of conservation. Food security is being ensured in the country through increasing production despite declining agricultural land, increasing industrialization and, above all, increasing non-human consumption.

The government should focus on 

safeguarding farmers’ profit and 

ensure that they get their fair share of price

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We know that the export potential will be increased further if quality products are manufactured. Government can put their focus on safeguarding farmers’ profit, to ensure that boro farmers get their fair share of price. In every boro season, we often see postponement in the government procurement drive or the amount of paddy it chooses to obtain is only a portion of what is produced as a whole. This measure should change and farmers’ interest must be given priority.

In light of country’s reliance on boro, these government measures will help farmers in many regions who are still in dire need of irrigation as they lack proper equipments. Therefore, this project will propel to work out the mechanism on how to address the needs of the boro farmers. 

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