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‘Freelancing can be a major remittance earner’

Published : 25 Feb 2023 02:09 AM | Updated : 11 Mar 2023 08:23 PM

Freelancers are also remittance warriors of the country, they are earning foreign currencies. This number of warriors can be increased several fold if the country’s large number of unemployed people can be bought under formal freelancing.

Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society Chairman Dr Tanjiba Rahman said this during a conference on freelancing at BASIS SoftExpo 2023 being held at Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center, Purbachal at the outskirt of the capital on Thursday night. 

Founder of kaz360 Emrazina Islam who moderated the conference, said, “According to our data, there are 10 lakh freelancers in the country. We call them ‘remittance warriors’. However, the youth of our country is lagging behind in choosing freelancing as a career because only 17 percent of youth are involved in freelancing. Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also encourages people to choose Freelancing as a career.” 

Regarding bringing the freelancing earnings to the country, she has mentioned that eight banks of the country are offering freelancer accounts with special offers. While working as a freelancer, one may face difficult situations many times, but he or she should not give up. If there is any problem, individuals will get help from the associations.

Northern University Pro VC Professor Dr. Nazrul Islam said, “Many of us see freelancing as a short-cut income. One earns a few dollars then quits the job instead of taking up freelancing as a permanent career. The job market in our country is limited but the freelancing sector is open. Some 75 percent of youth in Bangladesh are unemployed. These unemployed youths will earn foreign currency in our country if they work as freelancers instead of sitting at home.” 

ICT Division Project Director (Learning and Earning Development Project) Md. Humayun Kabir said, “As a freelancer you can earn yourself, and you can also create earning sources for others; Our Prime Minister said this. We need to make this industry strong and ourselves solvent.”

National Skills Development Authority (NSDA) Director Dr. Md. Anwarul Haque said, “Many people want to be freelancers. But not knowing in the right method. The quality is less than the number of freelancers. There is no substitute for training. That is what NSDA is doing. Our office is under the supervision of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. So, we will always try to fulfill your demands.”

Country Director of Pioneer Sanjib Sarkar said, “We have entered into an agreement with 'Upay' so that freelancers can withdraw money easily. You can easily withdraw money from now on. In this case very little charge will be deducted.”

Also some freelancers presented various slides related to freelancing in the conference as panelists. They are Mahfuz Rahman, Abu SufianNilove, Abdullah Al Farooq. 

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