End impunity from punishment for crimes against journalists

Let them safeguard the truth

Published : 02 Nov 2021 08:47 PM | Updated : 03 Nov 2021 04:48 PM

It is worrying to note that around 1,200 journalists were killed in last 14 years for reporting news and bringing information to the public and 90 per cent of cases related to the killing or torturing journalists remain unresolved.

Journalists are the mirror of the society but their journey to becoming a mirror to reflect the ugly events of our society is thorny indeed. Journalists are those who keep the truth alive even in the face of danger. However, in order to expose the truth and sift fact from the fiction, they ace many difficulties in the form of threats and manipulation by various unscrupulous wing of power.

It needs no mentioning that over the last years, the ground and impact of journalism, with the innovation and intervention of technology, has expanded at a rapid pace. Consequently manipulation over the journalists is pushing them towards suppression, sometimes ideologically, sometimes morally. 

A safe and enabling environment for journalists 

should be created to allow them to work independently 

and without fear or unjustified interference

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Journalists who try to be vocal about the truth are often seen being harassed, murdered and slaughtered. Thus journalism is increasingly becoming a risky profession and eventually journalists tend to refrain from reporting on sensitive issues

There has been a troubling spike in the number of journalists murdered for their work around the world in the past years. Murder is the ultimate form of censorship, yet the perpetrators are seldom held to account. In nine out of 10 cases where a journalist has been targeted for murder, their killers go free. The price of a story should never be that high.

We condemn all attacks and violence against journalists and media workers. A safe and enabling environment for journalists should be created to allow them to work independently and without fear or unjustified interference. We call on the authorities to be more tolerant towards free expression and those exercising their constitutional right to it.

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