Durga images getting ready with last-moment brush strokes

Published : 06 Oct 2021 08:40 PM | Updated : 07 Oct 2021 04:03 PM

Craftsmen are now extremely busy is decorating the Durga idol with the help of paintbrush after making the idol for the upcoming Durga Puja in Tarash upazila of Sirajganj.

In order to supply the idols as per the demand in different districts of the country including Tarash of Sirajganj, color coating and decoration with ornaments are being done day and night in the idol making factories and puja mandaps.

The Tarash Upazila administration and police are tightening security to ensure that the autumn festival is not disrupted in 43 mandaps in the upazila this year, Tarash police said.

Speaking to the Upazila Puja Udjapan Parishad leaders, it was learned that Durga Puja will be held in 43 mandaps in Tarash Upazila this year. The potters are busy in the idol making factories and mandaps around this biggest festival of the followers of Hindu religion. After working for 6 months, the work of making idol has been completed.

At the last moment, the work of color coating and body decoration is going on. The idol is getting full form with the touch of the artist's brush. The potters are decorating mother Durga with a brush stroke by mixing the sweetness of the mind. 

Work is going on day and night to take Goddess Durga to the puja mandaps for Sasthibodhan. Huge preparations are going on in all mandaps. At the last moment, the work of decorating each mandap with paintbrushes and electrified ornaments is going on.

There is no shortage of preparation in the puja mandaps including the ancient upazila central Durga temple Baroari Battala, Govinda Bari, Bazar Para, Purba Para, Ghosh Para, Sarkar Bari, Nishipara public puja mandapa of Tarash municipal town. The organizers have decorated the puja mandap with beautiful idols, various decorations and eye-catching lighting.

Idols made centering the Saradiya Durga Puja are supplied from different areas including Bhadraghat, Dhangarh, Ashtamanisha, Mirzapur, Nimgachhi, Salanga. However, due to the increase in the price of the necessary materials for making idols including straw, bamboo, iron, rope, clay and paint, the artisans of making idols expressed concern over the benefits of making idols.

Kanu Pal, an idol maker, said the way the prices of various materials used for making idols have gone up so, there might not be much profit. The buyers want to buy the idol at the previous price.

“At the last stage of the work of the idol, the work of painting and decorating the idol is going on. The idol must be delivered in time. I can't breathe at the moment. Starting from Tk 30,000, the idol has been sold for a maximum of Tk 80,000. The price of bamboo, wood, straw, thorns, jute, soil and paint is not getting higher than the price of the idol”, he added.

He further said, “We are facing losses due to high salaries of factory workers and factory rent. We make idols all the year round. Corona has not been able to get the price for two years compared to the cost. My father and grandfather were involved in this profession, so I am still in this profession to keep the profession of my ex-husband. I have some kind of survival with the technical, incidental cost of the idol and the factory rent.”

MKS Milu, president of the 132-year-old central Kendriya Durga Mandir in Tarash municipal town, said the number of pujas has increased this time as compared to last time. According to the instructions of the Bangladesh Puja Celebration Council, one has to enter the temple wearing a mask in accordance with the rules of health and social distance.

Officer-in-charge of Tarash Police Station Mohammad Fazle Ashiq said that security measures are being tightened by Tarash Police Station to make the autumn festival uninterrupted. Police will be active in maintaining overall law and order including installation of CCTV cameras in each mandap. Besides, RAB, Ansar members and volunteers will be on duty. Hygiene compliance will be monitored in Corona situations.

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