Dry fish odour disgusts tourists in Kuakata

Published : 17 Nov 2021 09:20 PM | Updated : 20 Nov 2021 12:17 PM

Fields of dry fish processing plants are being set up at various points along Kuakata beach. The number of these plants is increasing every day. As a result, the tourists who come to visit Kuakata are exhausted by the unbearable smell of dry fishes.

When tourists go out for a walk to breathe the fresh air of the beach, they become disgusted with the strong smell, some even vomit. Some people made annoying remarks when they saw such fields of dried fishes on the beach in Kuakata. Due to the collapse of the beach in the last few years, the beach has shrunk and tourists have to walk along the embankment during high tide, but the beach has become a dry fish den day by day where the movement of tourists is becoming difficult.

 It can be seen that if tourists walk 100 meters to the east from Kuakata Zero Point, They will see dry fish dens, and if theywalk 300 meters to the west,big dry fish markets can be seen. The main tourist attraction in Kuakata starts from Zero Point and the lemon forest to the east and Jhau forrest to the west. There are more tourists walking around these places. 

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But at different points of the beach, there has been multiple dry fish plants. Every day, the fishermen bring Chhuri, sharks, laitta, lakka, kachki, surma fish from the deep sea and let them dry in the beach. These give off a foul odor which makes the tourists uncomfortable.

Noor Alam Azad, who was visiting from Mirpur in Dhaka, said with despair that he came to Kuakata on Tuesday morning. He stayed at the hotel in the morning and went for a walk on the beach in the afternoon. But after walking some distance, he became restless with the smell of dry fishes.

Another tourist from Khulna, Tareq, 32, said the beach was not what it used to be. Different types of geo-tubes, concrete, fishes are being dried in the beach. People and tourists are uncomfortable with such odor. 

Md Saidur Rahman, executive director of Confidence Tourism, said tourists are being hindered from drying dry at various points on the beach. The administration should also take necessary action. Md Al Amin Khan Ujjwal, operations manager at the residential hotel Ocean View, said many tourists made complaints about the condition of the beach. It is necessary to break this attic soon.

Ruman Imtiaz Tushar, president of the Kuakata Tour Operators Association, said tourists would miss Kuakata because of the way the beach was being ruined and the smell of dry fishes was spreading. It needs to be prescribed soon.

Motaleb Sharif, general secretary of the Kuakata Hotel Motel Owners Association, said it was not right at all. Work cannot be done on the beach that will cause trouble to the tourists. The mayor of Kuakata municipality said that the environment is ruined and tourists are disturbed when dried fish is dried everywhere.

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