Dream Weaver puts latest vivo X70 Pro 5G to the test

Published : 11 Nov 2021 08:28 PM | Updated : 13 Nov 2021 10:45 AM

Dream weaver; a very renowned photographer team in Bangladesh has successfully captured a number of majestic moments as well as premium wedding photography and cinematography at from their production house. Nafiz Ahmed Shuvo, founder of the Dream Weaver; believes in capturing the perfect moment in its truest form and therefore is always ready to get that perfect smile, perfect twirl, perfect jump, and the perfect moment. While professional photography, especially during low light events requires heavy equipment such as extra lighting, stabilizing tools and much more, vivo, the brand known for its smartphone innovation, decided to collaborate with the best photographer to put their latest X70 Pro 5G to the test.

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After using the smartphone for a few months and trying to capture as many moments as possible, we asked Dream Weaver about their experience of using the much talked about vivo X70 Pro 5G. “There are certain days when we are not carrying our DSLR and we see a beautiful moment, but we are unable to capture. This is where the X70 Pro 5G comes handy. Capturing these beautiful moments have become so smooth. Earlier the smartphones used to have a huge limitation and we could never get the result that we wanted, but with all new X70 Pro 5G, We know we can deliberately leave our DSLR at home and get studio quality images.”

The vivo X70 Pro 5G boast a quad setup camera with a 50 MP Ultra Sensing Gimbal Camera with Gimbal Stabilization 3.0., a 12 MP 2X Portrait Camera, a 12 MP Wide Angle Camera and an 8MP Periscope Camera. Further supported with the exclusive ZEISS T* Coating and the Ultra Sensing Gimbal Camera, making it a perfect photography partner.

Dream Weaver talked about what makes the X70 Pro 5G camera as good as any professional DSLR.

Crystal Sharp Captures

Lighting is the most important aspect of photography and to capture any moment perfectly you need to make sure there aren’t any unwanted elements and flares in the picture. The ZEISS T* Coating plays a major role here by completely eliminating all the disturbance in the picture. I discovered this amazing feature while I was capturing a beautiful portrait during a sunset. Usually, I need to use add-on filters to remove the undesired flares, but with the X70 Pro 5G it worked like magic!

No Need for additional Zoom gears

With the vivo X70 Pro 5G, you don’t need any additional gears to get that perfect zoom. The X70 Pro 5G presents the 8MP Periscope Camera that uses the zooming algorithm to reach 60X Hyper Zoom and allowing you to capture distant photos clearly without losing any quality. It was crucial in capturing those distant landscapes and all the small nuances.

No worries for the night

I personally love capturing a great portrait under the stars, and even with a professional DSLR kit and lighting equipment it’s a challenge. I always assumed it would be impossible to do so with a smartphone, but the with the X70 Pro 5G's Real-Time Extreme Night Vision and features like Super Night Video and Pure Night View, you don’t have to worry about anything! It automatically adjusted the exposure for brighter photos and reduced all the noise.

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