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Dramatic change in US-Bangladesh ties

Published : 09 Sep 2023 11:26 PM | Updated : 10 Sep 2023 01:10 PM
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Under the impact of regional reality, the relationship between Bangladesh and the US has turned towards a dramatic change after talks between US President Joe Biden and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Keeping in mind the Indo-Pacific Cooperation and the regional safety and security, they have come to a conclusion in a closed door meetig that the two countries will have to enhance the existing cooperation further.

It is Indian Prime Minister Norendra Modi who was instrumental to melt the ice. Modi took a crucial role to bridge the gap developed recently between Bangladesh and US.   

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and US President Joe Biden exchanged greetings in New Delhi. US President Joe Biden captured selfies with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her daughter Saima Wazed by his (US President) own cell phone.

This gives a message to the world on the status of the relationship between these two countries. 

These pictures indicate US is willing to strengthen its relationship with Bangladesh and the same was reflected in the smiling faces of US President Joe Biden and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 

The relationship between Bangladesh and the US deteriorated due to the agenda of anti-government political parties, Dr. Yunus, former US President Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many others. All of them had contributed to deteriorating US Bangladesh relationship.  And it might have been done with an agenda to destabilize the current government through putting prime minister Sheikh Hasina under a pressure. 

The government of the US imposed sanctions over false  allegations of human rights abuse on officials of Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion in  December 2021.

In   2022, the American Ambassador to Bangladesh, Peter Haas voiced that, in the environment of political violence that characterizes Dhaka, it is difficult to conduct “free and fair elections”.  Most recently, the US and its allies were trying to salvage Yunus from different judicial proceedings.

However, yesterday’s meeting between Biden- Hasina almost foiled their attempt. The attitude of Biden hints US is willing to become a good friend of Hasina’s government. 

Bangladesh under the able leadership of its prime minister Sheikh Hasina has dealt with this situation so efficiently that it is reflected in the picture of US president Joe Biden with Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina. 

Now, it should put a full stop on the mouth of people talking behind with an ill motive to question current government’s diplomatic efforts. 

‘Friendship to all, malice to none’ is the core issue of Bangladesh foreign policy. Keeping that in view, Prime Minister has successfully bridged the gap between US and Bangladesh which was created intentionally by some group of people including BNP who do not want peace and stability within the country.US and its allies understand that BNP’s demands are unconstitutional and considering the safety and security of the South Asian region where extremist groups were frequently given indulgence by the BNP led government in the past, the Western nations have relinquished their interest towards BNP led opposition movement. The regional security issues have become prominent and main concern for them and as a result US has already shown its keen interest in working to strengthen their relationship with Bangladesh. 

Now, with the pictures captured by US President, Sheikh Hasina has again proved that Bangladesh shall always work on building friendship with all. Bangladesh still upholds Bangabandhu’s quote that peace is imperative for development of a nation. 

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