Commuters helpless amid student protests

Devise measurers to bring order on city roads

Published : 01 Dec 2021 09:54 PM | Updated : 03 Dec 2021 11:58 AM

Commuters travelling across the city are facing harrowing times due to serious gridlock caused by students’ demonstrations.

Students are protesting the death of a SSC candidate and a student of Notre Dame College in two separate road accidents recently. And this standoff continues plunging the city’s public transportation system into further chaos, causing immense sufferings to commuters for the past few days.

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The agitating students on Tuesday rejected outright the half bus fare only applicable in capital Dhaka, announced by transport owners. They also threatened to intensify their ongoing movement asking the authorities to announce half bus fare for all students of the country and issue a gazette notification after accepting their nine-point demands for safe roads and half bus fare.

Students must refrain themselves

from getting involved in vehicles


Like Tuesday, the agitating students on Wednesday also blocked Rampura Bridge protesting the death of SSC candidate Mainuddin Islam Durjoy. Following the accident, an angry mob torched at least nine buses on Monday night.  

We have come to know that some elements are trying to cash in on the half fare movement after failing to wage a movement to oust the government. And they are doing dirty politics using sentiment of the student community as they are now day-dreaming to grab the state at any cost.

We extend our support to the students demanding half bus fare for them and request the authorities to take immediate steps to meet their demand. In this regard, the government should provide subsidy, if necessary.

Students must refrain themselves from getting involved in vehicles vandalism and setting up fire. Vandalism is not the job of students as law enforcement agencies are assigned to maintain order on roads. 

We express deep concern over students’ constant harassment of the buses and minibuses running in the capital. We think it is the responsibility of traffic police, BRTA, city corporations and bus owners’ organisations to maintain the order in public transport.

Besides, the authorities concerned must take integrated, coordinated and effective measures for the betterment of our traffic system.

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