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BNP searches for clandestine alley to go to power: Hasan

Published : 28 Dec 2021 10:51 PM | Updated : 29 Dec 2021 01:07 PM

The BNP is looking for a stealth way to come to power, said the Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hassan Mahmud.

The minister was responding to a question on the recent remarks made by BNP leaders during an exchange of views with reporters at his official residence on Minto Road in the capital on Tuesday afternoon.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister said, "In fact, the BNP does not believe in the power of the people. That is why they always have the attitude of running away from the vote. The BNP did not participate in the elections in 2014, it wanted to escape from the elections in 2016. They later participated in the elections again after a lot of drama. On the other hand, the Awami League always believes in the verdict of the people. The Awami League has never come to power in its history without the verdict of the people. And the history of the BNP is to come to power illegally.”

"Since the senior leaders of the BNP have no confidence in the people, they are making such statements about the dialogue, they are also talking nonsense about the elections. They know that they have moved far away from the people and will not be able to come to power through elections. So now the BNP is looking for a way out, how to go to power. But the days of going to power through the alley are over in Bangladesh,” the minister added.

At this time, some small political parties have proposed to form a national government to run the country during the parliamentary elections, Dr Hassan Mahmud said. 

There is no need or opportunity to form a special government for the rehabilitation of the abandoned in politics. Some of the political parties allied with the BNP who are proposing a national government are all abandoned politicians. They were once very influential politicians, but now they are abandoned in politics. Those who have been abandoned in politics are making such proposals for the purpose of their rehabilitation. According to the constitution, the current government led by the Prime Minister will carry out election duties. There is no chance outside of this, the minister also said.

Responding to a question about the clash between them at a BNP rally in Pabna on Monday and the stabbing of a Juba Dal leader and the BNP leaders' remarks at the rally that the government was trying to destroy the BNP, the Information and Broadcasting Minister said, "There is no need for anyone else to weaken the BNP. Doing so, these fights are their manifestation. Wherever the BNP is holding rallies, we can see that they are fighting and disrupting their rallies. Such incidents are happening not only in Pabna but all over the country. 

Earlier, in a speech delivered at the distribution of winter clothes on behalf of the minister's family charity organization NNK Foundation in his constituency Rangunia online from his residence. Hassan Mahmood asked the locals to pray for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and said, "Our boat marker Awami League government is always by your side."

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