BNP’s 3-day countrywide blockade

Guard rail, road, waterways

Published : 30 Oct 2023 10:08 PM | Updated : 31 Oct 2023 03:49 PM

Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s (BNP) frosh announcement of nationwide blockades for three consecutive days starts today (Tuesday), sending the people into panic over possible violence and arson attacks across the country.

Tension has already gripped the capital Dhaka, other metropolitan cities, district towns, upazila headquarters and even the remote areas on the eve of Tuesday’s nationwide blockades. We  express concerns about potential conflicts, violence and arson terrorism as we on Saturday and Sunday again witnessed the terrible scene of arson violence unleashed by BNP. 

As the people once again witnessed the horror of arson violence unleashed by BNP, they requested the government to beef up security in all areas concerned across the country, according to media reports. BNP-Jamaat set fire on buses and trains in 2013-2014 and they burnt and killed innocent people. 

Entire country should be brought 

under stringent security 

measures to protect the lives and 


Their specialty is burning the people. They burnt running buses, trains, launches, offices and schools in 2013 and 2014 too. In January 2015, the BNP and its allies enforced nearly a ceaseless blockade and hartal for the first three months of the year. Street violence left at least 95 people killed and about 1,000 others injured, mostly in targeted arson attacks on public transports.

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Besides, the party’s violent activities during its rule or in opposition between 2001 and 2015 created panic among the people. As a result, the party lost people’s confidence.

The law enforcement agencies must take special measures at strategic points of roads and highways, waterways and railways to thwart any subversive act. Besides, the authorities concerned will also have to deploy adequate personnel from police, intelligence agencies and RAB who will patrol at bus, launch terminals and train stations as well as crowded places in order to check criminal acts.

The entire country should be brought under stringent security measures to protect the lives and property. Besides, the Bangladesh Railway, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority and Bangladesh Road Transport Authority will also have to take especial security measures. 

So, the criminals would have no scope to launch petrol bomb attacks targeting launches, trains and buses. We believe the authorities concerned will do their best to make the country stable. laws must be strictly enforced against the offenders.

Security measures will also have to be beefed up at launch and bus terminals and railway stations. District police and highway police and road department will also have to work together.  Apart from roads and highways and railways, the law enforcement agencies will have to conduct special surveillance on the movement of vessels to ensure safety on the waterways. The countrymen must remain cautious about the BNP leaders and workers as they are now hatching conspiracy to come to power through undemocratic ways after being boycotted by the people. 

The “vultures of 1971 and hyenas of 1975” are still active in the country and out to get the scope to destroy the country with their ‘teeth and claws’. They get tormented with ‘fire-burn’ if the people of the country remain well. Local and foreign conspirators are becoming active.