Beach cleaning programme held at St. Martin’s Island

Published : 13 Dec 2021 09:38 PM | Updated : 20 Dec 2021 10:41 PM

The country's well-known tourist spot St. Martin’s Island is now plagued by plastic waste.

Excessive plastic waste is ruining the beauty there. In addition to losing the fertility of agricultural land, the source of ground water has also been lost. The locals are facing extreme losses.

That's why ‘Save Our Sea’, an environmental group for conservation of the sea, has launched an awareness-raising beach cleanup programme to demand protection of the country's only coral island. Their collaborator was the Journalists' Welfare Foundation.

The event was held on Monday morning at St. Martin’s Island’s North Beach. In the morning, a rally was held demanding a plastic waste free beach. Later, a clean-up programme was held on the beach with the participation of journalists.

Mohammad Anwarul Haque, Secretary General of ‘Save Our Sea’ and Salah Uddin Jasim, General Secretary of Journalists Welfare Foundation addressed the brief meeting.

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Speakers at the time demanded an end to the sale of plastic products in St. Martin’s Island, which is in crisis. At the same time, they suggested that measures be taken to keep St. Martin’s Island clean by charging plastics manufacturers for pollution.

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