BCL rivals clash on RU campus, 10 injured

Published : 06 May 2021 09:10 PM | Updated : 27 Sep 2021 09:43 AM

Police resorted to massive baton charge to disperse two warring groups of Bangladesh Chhatra League and employees and officials of RU at RU campus on Thursday (May- 6) noon. At least 10 persons from both rival groups have been injured in the clash and in police baton charge. 

It is learnt, on Thursday noon (12-45 pm) several hundred job seekers belonging to Rajshahi Metropolitan unit of Chhatra League thronged in front of the official residence of the Vice-Chancellor of Rajshahi University. They were chanting slogans against the RU administration and demanding immediate appointments of BCL metropolitan unit leaders and activists in various posts of RU.

At a stage the agitated metropolitan unit BCL attacked the newly appointed Registrar of RU Abdullah Al Mamun and the Section Officer Masud. In retaliation, leaders and activists of the RU unit of BCL locked into a clash with the metropolitan unit of BCL leaders and activists. 

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As the clash erupted between two rival groups of BCL, police resorted to massive baton charge to disperse the warring groups. However, soon RU BCL group reorganised and with the help of police, chased metro BCL leaders and activists out of the campus. 

Former RU BCL leader and Assistant Director of Physical Education Department of RU informed, today( Thursday) was the last working day of Vice-Chancellor of RU Professor Dr. Abdus Sobhan. After the end of his second term as the Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. M. Abdus Sobhan was supposed to leave the campus resident of RU. Just before his leaving the campus, a rumour of appointment of 125 BCL leaders and activists of RU in various posts spread in the campus which sparked agitation among Rajshahi Metropolitan unit of BCL. As a result, several hundred leaders and activists of the metro unit of BCL thronged the campus and staged demonstrations demanding their appointments in RU posts as well. At a stage, agitated metro BCL leaders and activists also locked into the altercation, manhandled and attacked RU officials and BCL leaders.  

Meanwhile, more leaders and activists of RU BCL unit arrived on the spot and with the help of police chased the BCL rivals out of the campus.  

According to sources, Awami League backed Anti-Corruption lobby of teachers with the job seekers from Chhatra League of RU have been continuing their movement against any illegal appointment at the campus. On May-4, some members of the teachers group were manhandled by local BCL leaders and activists. Even, one BCL activist threatened to shoot the teachers dead.