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Bangladesh adopts strategy to confront climate change

Published : 07 Oct 2021 10:00 PM | Updated : 10 Oct 2021 10:41 PM

Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Md Shahab Uddin said that Bangladesh has adopted a Green Growth Strategy in its 8th Five-Year Plan and Bangladesh Perspective Plan 2021-2041 to harmonize economic growth with better environmental sustainability to create a Climate Resilient Nation.

He said that nature-based approach is the most effective way to confront the inter-related challenges of pandemic, biodiversity loss, climate change and achieve sustainable development.

Joining virtually from his official residence in Dhaka on Thursday, the Environment Minister made the statement in the Fourth United Nations Environment Program Session of the Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific held at Suwon, Republic of Korea. 

He further said that the government has also adopted the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, to ensure long-term water and food security, economic growth, environmental sustainability, and effectively reduce vulnerability and build resilience to climate change. 

Shahab Uddin said Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan 2030, finalized by Bangladesh has appropriately recognized the co-benefits of maximizing share of renewable energy, enhancing energy efficiency, giving importance on climate resilient and nature-based approaches of development. 

He said, “The country is also working on implementing its sectoral policies and action plans, like Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, Country Investment Plan on Environment, Forestry and Climate Change, Renewable Energy Roadmap, Plastic Waste Management Action Plan, etc.”

He added that means of implementation in terms of finance and investment, technology cooperation and capacity building are fundamental in order to realize the actions at the national level.

Environment and Climate Change Ministers of Asia pacific region also delivered speeches on the occasion.

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