‘Everyone must work together for sustainable development’

Published : 29 Aug 2021 09:15 PM

Chattogram City Corporation) Mayor Rezaul Karim Chowdhury said that projects are being implemented by Chattogram Development Authorities. But 33 out of 57 canals in the city have been excluded from the scope of CCC mega project implementation.  

‘I do not understand how successful the restoration of these canals can be without the repair’, CCC Mayor said.

 The dams that were given on different canals during the implementation of this project have not been completed even with the promise of removing them later.  Due to this, waterlogging has become evident in the city during the monsoon season.

 As a result, there have been deaths in drains and sewers, which is very sad.

Mayor said this while addressing the 7th general meeting of 6th elected council of CCC at Nagar Bhaban in Anderkilla on Sunday morning.

 "Even in the midst of the lockdown, we have been able to provide vital emergency services, but in many cases it has not been possible to provide the desired services due to situational reasons," he said.  Now that the lockdown is over, the CCC 6th elected council must work together to solve visible problems and make the city livable for the common man and future by striving to meet the targets according to its ability and capability to implement the set action plan.

CCC Mayor said the city corporation has never been and still is not dependent on government bulk allocations.  

So the revenue department needs to be more dynamic.  

The revenue collection needs to be updated by identifying where there are inconsistencies or tax assessment errors and lack of statistical surveys. 

It should be kept in mind that no unjust pressure should be applied on the taxpayers in this case.

Mayor said there is also additional and unnecessary manpower.  There is also a lack of sophisticated cleaning equipment and effective mosquito repellents.  

As there are questions about the effectiveness of the sprayed drugs, the mosquito eradication activities will continue on the basis of the report given by the Entomology Department of Chittagong University after monitoring and verification.  A project worth Tk 2,500 crore for the rehabilitation of drains and sewers in the city is awaiting ECNEC approval.  I hope it will be approved.

 He noted that the issue of providing additional allowance at the rate of 30 per cent to the manpower working in the CCC to prevent Covid-19 infection will be seriously considered.  

The salaries of the third and fourth class employees have already been increased as per the government guidelines.  In the case of urbanization, the issue of preservation of history and heritage will be given importance and a children's park will be set up in each ward.

 The meeting was chaired by CCC Secretary Khaled Mahmood and attended by Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Shahidul Alam, Panel Mayor, Ward Councilors, Reserved Ward Councilors, Divisional and Branch Heads.