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Almost all Pakistan aircraft were destroyed

Published : 04 Dec 2022 09:49 PM | Updated : 05 Dec 2022 01:55 PM

On this day in 1971, the ultimate victory started becoming visible as decisive fights of the freedom fighters and allied forces started defeating and pushing back the occupation forces from different parts of the country since beginning of December, 1971.

The Indians attacked and took over Pakistani territory opposite Jammu following the Battle of Basantar. The sky of Bangladesh got freedom on the third day of relentless war. Almost all of the Pakistan aircrafts were destroyed or distressed.

 Indian fighter jets bombed Pakistani bases all day long and stopped the activities of the airports.

According to the Indian Air Force, almost 50 tonnes of bombs were dropped within 12 hours on Pakistan airbases at Tejgaon and Kurmitola.

 A Pakistan army convoy of 90 vehicles was destroyed in the airborne attack.

 Few Pakistan steamers and launches, boarded with Pakistan soldiers, were destroyed too.

Pakistan Navy’s pride, ‘Gazi’, a submarine that US lent them, was destroyed in Bay of Bengal in an attack carried out by the joint naval force. The joint naval force advised the vessels of neutral states to leave Chittagong port. 

The joint command refused them any security. The Pakistan force turned out weak to defend the port.

The allied force began marching towards Dhaka. They deployed heavy resistance on the highways that connected Dhaka with other districts. 

Kumilla, Chatrogram, Sylhet, Natore, Rangpur and Jashore road routes cut off from Dhaka.

The 57th Mountain Division of Indian Army joined the Muktibahini at Akhaura war field. 

They created resistance on the south and western part of the area.

Facing the heavy resistance, Pakistan Army eventually surrendered.

Akhaura was freed. Subadar Ashraf Ali Khan, Sipahi Amir Hossain, Lieutenant Badiuzzaman, Sipahi Ruhul Amin, Sipahi Sahab Uddin and Sipahi Mustafizur Rahman were killed for Bangladesh in this battle.

 A few Pakistani military men escaped to Brahmanbaria after this battle; however, 160 were killed by the allied force.

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