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ACC keeps in touch with India to bring PK back

Published : 16 May 2022 09:34 PM | Updated : 17 May 2022 02:22 PM

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is regularly communicating with Interpol , Bangladesh High Commission in India and the Ministry of Home Affairs to bring back former MD of NRB Global Bank and Reliance Finance Limited, PK Haldar, who was arrested in India.

Acting secretary of the ACC Sayed Mahbub Khan, made the disclosure to reporters in front of the ACC head office on Monday.

He further said ,  an email has already been sent from Interpol to the National Center Bureau (NCB) in Delhi to extradite the accused to Bangladesh.

He said  after receiving information about the arrest of  the 8 accused including P K Haldar in West Bengal, Interpol in Bangladesh sent an email to the National Center Bureau (NCB) in Delhi to extradite the accused from India to Bangladesh.

Some more activities will be undertaken soon, he said, to bring the accused back to the country quickly.

 Letters will be sent, and we shall communicate with  the Bangladesh Embassy in India to return the accused. At the same time, a letter will be given to the Ministry of Home Affairs. A letter will be sent again to BFIU to collect money and bank account information smuggled into India.

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The Acting Secretary said that a case was filed against  PK Haldar by the Anti-Corruption Commission on January 8, 2020 for acquiring illicit assets worth about Tk 250 crore and money laundering. 

When an attempt was made to arrest accused PK Haldar during the investigation of the case, he fled abroad. A letter was sent through the Home Ministry seeking the cooperation of the international agency Interpol to arrest him as he was a fugitive abroad. The court then issued a warrant of arrest against the accused as per the demand of Interpol. The order was then sent to Interpol in early 2021 along with the accused's fingerprints and other important information. Following the request, Interpol issued a red alert against the accused in January 2021.

Later, regular contact was made with the agency to find out the location and information of the accused. Earlier, a letter was sent to various banks  and financial institutions of the country and to BFIU to collect and send information of his financial transactions abroad including in India, Canada, United States, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Asked how long it would take to get Haldar back, he said  that since  several cases were filed  in India and more cases may be filed against the accused including his being remanded already  in a case, there will now be pressure and effort on our part to bring him back to our country as soon as possible. That is why our requests and efforts to the Indian authorities will continue,  the ACC top official said. 

He however said ,it is difficult to say exactly how long it will take to get the accused back from India. It is not possible to say exactly how long the case or its trial will take or whether he can be brought back before the trial.

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