PK Halder held in West Bengal

He should be extradited immediately

Published : 15 May 2022 07:48 PM

Fugitive Bangladeshi businessman and former NRB Global Bank Managing Director Proshanta Kumar Halder alias PK Halder, along with five others, were detained in Ashoknagar of the Indian state of West Bengal on Saturday. All of them fraudulently obtained Indian citizenship papers.

The Interpol had in January last year issued a red corner (maximum alert) notice against PK Halder on the basis of a complaint by the Bangladesh government. PK Halder and his associates siphoned off the thousand crores of embezzled taka from four financial institutions -- Peoples Leasing and Financial Service, International Leasing and Financial Service Limited, FAS Finance, and Reliance Finance and many other illegal ways -- between 2009 and 2019. As Bangladesh has an extradition treaty with India, PK Halder’s transfer can be done after completing all legal proceeding in the neighbouring country under its provisions easily. The government must take necessary steps to extradite PK Halder from India. The ministries concerned should begin discussing with the India authorities to bring him back in the country quickly.

The government must take 

necessary steps to extradite 

PK Halder from India

As money launderers are the enemies of the country, bringing back PK Halder to the country will be a good example for the offenders. The government will also have to take steps to bring back the money laundered from Bangladesh. Country’s people also demand ensuring harsher punishment against the money launderers. Besides, as our country is a signatory of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), it can bring back money through bilateral negotiations with countries concerned through legal instrument.

Many people think it is very tough to get back the laundered money and bring the people involved in this offence to justice. But, we believe it is not impossible at all while willingness of the government and institutions concerned is an urgent in this regard. Corruption is a global problem and no country is free from corruption. The government is working in stringent and multi-dimensional ways continuing its ‘zero tolerance’ policy in curbing corruption in all stages. The Anti Corruption Commission is running its activities and investigation with full independence against the influential persons and important organisations. But, many dishonest people are still indulging in corruptions and irregularities in many ways under the very nose of the concerned authorities. The government will have to get tough further on those who are engaged in corruption and irregularities irrespective of political affiliation.