70 Tripura families demand shelter house in Khoiyachhara

Published : 09 Dec 2021 09:02 PM | Updated : 11 Dec 2021 09:31 PM

NaiduariaNapittachara Tripura Para of Khayachara Union is in the southeast corner of Mirsarai Upazila.There are 70 Tripura families in two neighborhoods. They are currently living in houses built on the site of the forest department. However, their way of life is not as civic as the plains. 

More than three hundred Tripura people in these two neighborhoods have been deprived of civic benefits for a long time. On the one hand, there is no pure water source there; on the other hand, there is no communication system with the plains. 

Even in the rainy season, they lose contact with the rest of the Mirsarai upazila. For the same reason, children born inthis two neighborhoods are also deprived of the light of education. 

Sumon Tripura, chief of the Napittachara Tripura Para, said that although a deep tube well had been officially set up for the two neighborhoods, it was now out of order. It has become unusable as it has not been repaired for a long time. Now the water of adjacent springs are their only hope. The communication system is also very fragile. Since there is no direct road with the plains, they travel somehow along the hills and ridges.

Chandan Tripura of the neighborhood said, ‘No one in the two neighborhoods can sleep during hostile weather. There is also a risk of death in the mountains. We are very worried when the danger signal number 10 is shown. If we had a shelter, this fear would have gone away. The demand for the lives of 70 families should be officially set up in the vicinity of the neighborhood. 

It has been seen on the ground that the school of Ram Krishna Mission established in 2011 for the children and adolescents of Napittachara Tripura Para is no more. A few of the pillars stand as a symbol of the school. 

After only four years, it was closed due to student crisis, but at present 50 Tripura students are studying in the nearby Nichintapur Primary School. However, due to the difficulty of traveling in the rainy season, the educational activities of these students remain halted.

Uthan Roy Tripura, a SSC graduate from Khayachara High School, said that at present there are children and teenagers in every household. They are being deprived of the light of education as there are no schools near the two neighborhoods. Although some students were studying at Nichintapur Primary School after walking a few kilometers, they stopped going in the rainy season. Reading is disrupted.

Shamsuddin, a local UP member, said the current residence of the Tripura people is in the forest department. In order to build a school, land has to be given from the forest department or private level. Schools cannot be built without land. However, the important thing is that in the next one year, the irrigation project will be built in Napittachara in the style of Mahamaya Irrigation Project. At that time the issue of school can be considered.

During a visit to Napittachara Tripura Para, Mirsarai Upazila Nirbahi Officer Minhazur Rahman assured to provide a deep tubewell to meet the demand for clean water of Tripura community. He also assured them about the establishment of primary schools and other civic amenities.

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UNO Minhazur Rahman said the establishment of the school is a long-term plan. Children and adolescents have to continue their education even during this period. In the future, only educated people will work in Mirsarai Industrial City.

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