360-foot suspension bridge on Sangu River to ease communication

Published : 27 Sep 2021 09:13 PM | Updated : 28 Sep 2021 12:48 PM

T he elegant 360-feet long Suspension Bridge on the Sangu River at Boro Modok area of Remakri union under Thanchi upazila of Banderban district has been built by Chattogram Hill Tract Zila Parishad. 

Sources informed Chattogram Hill Tracts Affairs Minister Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing is scheduled to inaugurate the suspension bridge during his visit to Thanchi on 29 and 30 September.  

The Bridge will ease communication among the people living in inaccessible parts of the district on both sides of the bridge. At the same time, the bridge situated under the picturesque settings of the hill region will attract the attention of huge tourists. 

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Thoi U Marma of Boro Modok area informed, sufferings of the people living at 15 villages on the west side of the river including Prusaong Karbaripara, Usamong Para, Ungsalan para, Usathoipara, Jugirangpara, Chaishoipara, Basing ong para, Patoa Mro para, Ongikhumipara, Ungrasepara, Ong Nong Mro para knew no bounds when the river water level increased during the monsoon. 

This suspension bridge will be the oly means of direct communication for nearly 5,000 people living on both sides of the river. 

Local people informed the students of Primary school at inaccessible Boro Modok area will be benefitted greatly by the suspension bridge. They suffered a lot to cross the Sangu River during the rainy season until now.

Mui Shoi Thui Marma, Chairman of Remacri union informed people without any network at the frontier areas of Thanchi will be benefitted greatly and the tourism and entertainment sectors will be flourished here with the commissioning of the bridge. 

Specially, students living in both sides of the bridge will be benefitted. He further said people of Thanchi and Remcri unions have expressed their gratitude to the CHT Hill Tracts Affairs Minister Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing and CHT Zila Parishad Chairman Ka Shoi Hla Marma for the construction of the bridge.

Sub Assistant Engineer of CHT Zila Parishad Thoi Cha Mong Marma informed that Chairman of Zila Parishad visited the areas in 2017 and watched how the tiny primary students were crossing the Sangu River dangerously to reach their school. 

He also came to learn that during the monsoon, water level of the river increased further and many students then failed to attend their school by crossing the river. Witnessing such plight of students and the people of both sides of the river, he decided to build a suspension bridge at Boro Modok area. 

With a length of 262 feet of the main bridge, the 360 feet long suspension bridge has been built at a cost of Tk 20 million (two crore). 

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Mui Shoi Thui Marma, Chairman of Remacri union informed employees and staff of the Engineering Department have succeeded in building the suspension bridge with their great effort and sacrifice. It was the contribution of the Chairman of CHT Zila Parishad Ka Shoi Hla Marma, he added.

Thanchi Upazila Chairman Thoi Hla Mong Marma informed, the innocent students living on the west side of the Sangu River will be greatly benefitted by the bridge. Moreover, due to an easy marketing of agricultural products at Boro Modok Market, nearly 5,000 people of the area will be benefitted. 

He further mentioned, Thanchi upazila is a tourists' hub with innumerous tourist spots. The newly built suspension bridge will be another tourist’s attraction there.