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15 percent fare hiked on lighter ships

Published : 17 Nov 2021 09:39 PM | Updated : 20 Nov 2021 12:41 PM

The Water Transport Cell (WTC), the operator of the lighter ship, has decided to charge a 15 percent increase in fares to adjust the price of fuel oil.  The decision will be implemented from next Monday (November 22), the company said.  Meanwhile, the importers are in trouble due to the sudden decision to increase the fare of lighter ships.

Meanwhile, the company has claimed that the fare of lighter ships has been increased by 23 percent but the price has been increased by 15 percent by adjusting the price of food allowance and fuel oil as per the government directives.

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Mahbub Rashid, Executive Director of the Water Transport Cell (WTC), said:  However, the government has decided to increase our rent by 15 percent by adjusting the food allowance and the price of fuel.  That is what we have accepted.  This decision will be implemented from next Monday.  

Fuel oil and food allowance will be charged at Tk 15-18 per tonne.  

Workers will be gazed in front, their salaries will increase.  But then the rent is likely to increase.  However, agreeing with the decision of the government, we have decided to increase the fare of lighter ships by 15 percent.  We also do not want importers to suffer any kind of misfortune.

 Cement raw materials like clinker, limestone, commodity, ceramics raw material, iron products, fertilizers, stones and other imported goods are sent to different parts of the country by lighter ship from Mother Vessel at Chittagong port.  1800 lighter ships operated in Chittagong under WTC.  These ships transport goods to at least 34 places in the country including Dhaka, Narayanganj, Kanchpur and Muktarpur.

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