Zaker Party withdraws candidatures from 3 constituencies

Published : 20 Dec 2023 08:56 PM

Out of 32 candidates in Munshi­ganj's three constituencies, 3 Zaker Party candidates have withdrawn their candidature from election race. They are Ataur Rahman of Munshiganj-1 (Sirajdikhan-Sree­nagar), Md Zakir Hossain of Munshiganj-2 (Tongibari-Louhajong) and Shamim Haider Mollah of Munshiganj-3 (Sadar-Gazaria).  They withdrew their candidature on the last day of withdrawal of candidature on December 17.

Twenty-four candidates were declared valid in 3 constituencies of Munshiganj. On the other hand, nominations of 8 candidates were declared invalid. District Returning Officer Md Abuzafar Ripon disclosed the information.

On December 17, three candidates of Zaker Party withdrew their candidatures. On the other hand, the candidates who were declared invalid have their candidatures considered valid through the disposal of appeals. Accordingly, 10 out of 11 candidates in Munshiganj-3 seat, 9 out of 10 candidates in Munshiganj-2 seat and 10 out of 11 candidates in Munshiganj-1 seat were declared valid and they were allotted symbols on December 18.

Munshiganj-1 (Sirajdikhan-Sreenagar) constituency allotted symbols are Antara Selima Huda of Trinamool BNP (Sonali Ash), Ata Ullah of Bangladesh Khelafat Movement (Batgach), Doel Akhtar of National People's Party (Mango), Nurjahan Begum Rita of Bangladesh Congress (Dub), Bangladesh Awami League's Mohiuddin Ahmed (Boat), Bangladesh Supreme Party (BSP) Latif Sarkar (Ektara) and Jatiya Party's Sheikh Muhammad Sirajul Islam (Plough), Alternative Dhara's Mahi Badruddoza Chowdhury (Kula), independent candidate Golam Sarwar Kabir (Truck) and Md Farid Hossain of BNF (Television).

The symbols allotted to Munshiganj-2 (Tongibari-Louha­jong) seat  are - Mohammad Sahidur Rahman of Islamic Front Bangladesh (Chair), Independent Mohammad Sairaj Khan (Eagle), National People's Party's Md Jalal Dhali (Mango), Trinamool BNP Md Jahanur Rahman (Television), Bangladesh Awami League's Sagufta Yasmin (Boat), independent candidate Sohana Tahmina (truck), Bangladesh Congress's Md Kamal Khan (Dub), BNF's Bachchu Sheikh (television) and Bangladesh Cultural Liberation Alliance's Noore Alam Siddiqui (Stick).

Munshiganj-3 (Munshiganj Sadar-Gazaria) Constituency allotted symbols are Jatiya Party's A F M Rafiqullah Salim (Plough), independent candidate Chowdhury Fahria Afrin (Kettle), Babul Mia of Islamic Front Bangladesh (Chair), Muhammad Omar Farooq of Bangladesh Islamic Front (Candle), Mrinal Kanti Das of Bangladesh Awami League (Boat), independent candidate Mohammad Faisal (Scissors). independent candidate Md. Azim Khan (Eagle), Bangla­desh Supreme Party (BSP) Md. Dulal Hossain Mondal (Ektara), Bangladesh Cultural Liberation Movement (Muktijot) Md. Shaheen Hossain (Stick) and Bangladesh Trinamul BNP's Mumtaz Sultana Ahmed (Television).

According to the public notification signed by Munshiganj District Returning Officer, voting will be done through ballot paper 

continuously from 8 am to 4 pm on 7th January.